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When your pet is sick or injured, you need compassionate experts who can get you answers quickly. At the Veterinary Medical Center of Hardeeville, we offer complete diagnostic services to efficiently and accurately pinpoint the next steps. Our in-house lab, ultrasound equipment, and x-ray systems are all readily available in any situation. Most importantly, our experts have the skill to pull together the information and provide a diagnosis while minimizing your pet's discomfort.

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Diagnostic Testing May Include:

  • Fecal exam

  • Blood work

  • Urinalysis

  • Parasite testing

  • Medical imaging

  • Blood pressure

  • Swabs and culture

  • Skin scraping

  • Allergy testing

  • And, more

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What Diagnostic Tests Do For Your Pet

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Rule Out Conditions

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Confirm Diagnosis

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Guide Treatment

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Monitor Progress


 tabby cat getting ultrasound of the abdomen


Our high tech systems provide advanced imaging, which empowers our veterinarians to rapidly and accurately get to the bottom of mysterious issues. From abdominal fluids to foreign bodies, our ultrasound equipment provides much-needed clarity in many situations.

 Female Veterinary Surgeon Examining X Ray of animal

Digital Radiology

Much like our ultrasounds, our x-rays have the power to illuminate hidden issues and guide treatment. Prompt relief is our goal, and our x-ray equipment plays a key role in many cases.

Vet performing a blood test on a small shitzu dog

In-House Bloodwork

Our in-house laboratory measures all of the body systems functions and can help us diagnose an array of complications. From tick diseases to leukemia, we can identify whatever may be troubling your pet and move forward with effective treatment.

small dog stands on x-ray table

Getting a Clearer Picture

It’s stressful and upsetting to know your pet is under the weather. Our staff understands your worry and is dedicated to providing answers, treatment, and relief. Thanks to our cutting-edge facility, we can provide the clarity you and your pet deserve.

At Veterinary Medical Center of Hardeeville, we perform routine diagnostic testing at wellness visits, as part of a comprehensive treatment plan during an acute illness or injury, in an emergency situation, and as an ongoing evaluation tool to monitor disease progression or treatment efficacy. Our skilled vet staff is able to make the diagnostic testing procedures as stress-free for both you and your pet as possible. We will review the results with you and develop a plan for care.

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Whatever your pet is going through, bring them to the Veterinary Medical Center of Hardeeville. We’ll provide the compassionate, detail-oriented care your pet deserves. Make your appointment today.

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