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If your pet needs an operation, you can trust our team to lovingly take care of every detail. We understand the stress and worry that can come with surgery, and we’re proud to offer peace of mind with top-notch expertise, equipment, and recovery plans. Our ultimate goal is to get your pet back on their feet and loving life. Our operations are safe and advanced, ensuring the best outcomes possible.


Common Surgeries We Perform

  • Spays and neuters

  • Mass removals

  • Foreign body removals

  • Basic eye surgeries

  • Cystotomies

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The Veterinary Medical Center of Hardeeville Surgical Difference

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Pre-Anesthetic Blood Testing

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World-Class Post-Op Care

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What You Can Expect From Your Pet’s Surgery

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Whether your pet is coming in for a routine spay/neuter or an emergency trauma procedure, the pre-op process will include pre-anesthetic blood work to ensure your pet’s safety during the surgical procedure. Your team will discuss your options and prepare you for your pet’s surgery and answer any questions you have. We’ll discuss financial options available to you and do our best to put you and your pet at ease.

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During the surgical intervention, you won’t be allowed to be with your pet, but rest assured the skilled surgical team at Veterinary Medical Center of Hardeeville will ensure your pet’s comfort and safety during their procedure, reducing the risk of injury and infection. While your pet is under anesthesia, our team can perform routine procedures such as nail trimming and teeth cleaning as well.

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Your pet will spend a few hours, and maybe overnight, with our post-op staff to monitor for good signs of recovery and ensure no complications arise. You’ll be given discharge instructions including medications, pain management, and wound care instructions. Follow-up appointments may be necessary and we’ll schedule those with you before you take your pet home. If you notice anything not quite right once you get home, our vet staff is available 24/7.

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Our careful process takes place in three main steps. Before surgery, we perform a comprehensive physical exam and perform blood work if necessary. This gives us a clear picture of your pet’s liver and kidney function, blood count, and more. Using this information, we administer proper sedatives and pain relievers to make the operation safe for your pet.

During surgery, we carefully monitor your pet’s vital signs and skillfully complete the operation in a fully sterile environment. After surgery, we give your pet one-on-one attention to ensure they’re hydrated, comfortable, and warm as they wake up. We’ll personally review aftercare procedures with you before releasing your pet into your care. You’ll get a call from us the next day and attend a follow-up appointment a few weeks later.

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